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And the secret to Paris is…

I love to travel. Part of the reason why I chose to showcase Paris first is that it was one of the first cities I visited abroad.

Seva Café Grasse

The Seva Café in Grasse, France serves a cuisine based on love and sharing.

Tête en l’air

Where you live makes such a difference. The environment where you live feeds your vitality – a worn down cramped and dirty place drains energy almost as quickly as you can find it. And yet, for many, this is all they can afford.

Singa and Refugees in France

2015 was a year of Syrian refugees. There was so much news about whether to let people in, or to keep them out, but little word came about from the organizations that actually supported them.

Les Restos du Coeur

No one says Bon Appétit better than the French.