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I started Social Good Blueprint to examine how others are creating awesome social change… I wanted some inspiration, and thought you might too.  If you don’t want to miss this, you can sign up below and receive it each week in your inbox!

[1] Give Back Hack, Columbus

Give Back Hack is an event I’m very passionate about – it’s coming up April 26th to Columbus. Are you longing to be part of something bigger? Isn’t it time to come out of the shadows and start making a positive changes in the community. This is the perfect event to bring those innovative ideas to life.

[2] Back to School

The INSA in Lyon, France has a nice overview of 5 current social issues, looking at information & digital technology, energy, environment, global health and transportation.

It explores questions like, what does this data collection mean for privacy, and who has access to that, and what are they using it for? What impact will the devastation that we’ve caused have on our future generations? How can we transform technology to reduce that impact? How can we support healthcare with reasonable costs?

[3] Inaugural Philanthropitch Columbus Event Raises over $100K

Philanthropitch Columbus presented by Kiwanis Club of Columbus and co-hosted by Social Ventures created a spectacular evening of festivities and good deeds. The event donated $104,475 in total which was shared amongst seven organizations. Nonprofits are looking into new methods for maximum exposure and impact. Philanthropitch intends to return to Columbus again in 2020 to support even more organizations. Bigger and better still to come.

[4] Electricity on the Rise: Electric Vehicles will Overtake Gas by 2040

Electric vehicles (EVs) will overtake conventional vehicles by 2040.  Accenture’s research reveals that EVs will be here for the long hall and will certainly be accepted quickly. Although the initial cost of an EV significantly exceeds that of the everyday car, the long term cost of running them are undoubtedly lower. The environmental impact they will have is undeniable. But there are still a lot that needs to be built out and put in place to ensure success.

[5] Meet Greyston Bakery, a grandfather of social entrepreneurship

The Greyston Bakery was initially opened as a solution to help address homelessness and poverty affecting the Yonkers community. The company’s goal is to help individuals get back on their feet  and move toward self-sufficiency.

The Greyston Bakery’s mission and philosophy is based on two main principles. They are open hiring and path making. Open hiring basically means that anyone is eligible for employment at the bakery, no interview or application is necessary. This is geared to give the people with employment barriers a chance to build a life for themselves. What can you do to make a change in your community? Just some food for thought.

[6] So You Can Help Start Some Good Too

Sacred Era is about spreading the word on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and history. They create amazing designs that tell the stories of those people through the power of the t-shirt. You can help play your part and spread the word by wearing one of their design prints. With their latest collection clothing line, they aim to shed the light of the contributions made by the Indigenous veterans, and their rightful place in the ANZAC story. $5 from each sale of will be donated to organizations who work with Indigenous veterans. So go ahead and show your support by getting a t-shirt today.

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