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Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship

One of the first observations when traveling through the Moroccan countryside is the lack of billboards and advertisements.  A US highway has so many signs, billboards and noise constantly grabbing for your attention that you almost don’t notice it.  Outside of the Marrakesh, many of the accommodations are adequate and yet simple — without much of the […]


Silence in the Moroccan Desert

You are accustomed to the noise around your home. It falls into the background, but the agitation is still there. To know the silence of the desert gives you to appreciation for the stimulation you endure each day.


Bremen: Oh-My!

My year in high school as an exchange student in Bremen was challenging, even though the experience was invaluable. One of the most difficult parts was my host mother.


Bremen & Boredom

A place isn’t boring. But being an exchange student, sitting through a class in a language you don’t speak can be… so what did I do?


Bremen: The Year Abroad

It was difficult living with such a different host-family in Germany, but I learned so much from that year, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.